Enrollment Information

Age Requirements: 4-H is open to all youth ages 5-19 years of age regardless of where you live. Five to seven year olds can also join as Cloverbuds to explore the variety of programs available in 4-H while having fun in a non-competitive environment. Eight to 19 year olds can enroll in specific projects like woodworking, sewing, dog, robotics, or other projects and exhibit what they've created at the county and state level.  For project information go to the Montana 4-H Project Page

Project Leader List

Classifications       Age Range
Cloverbuds 5 to 7 years olds
 Junior 8 to 13 years old
Senior  14 to 19 years old 

 *Youth who are 19 must be enrolled in high school to participate in 4-H

Enrollment Fees

Cloverbuds: $5.00

Junior & Senior Members: $15.00/member. This fee includes enrollment in unlimited projects. Horse Members pay an additional fee of $1.00 to cover insurance costs. Shooting Sports Members pay an additional fee of $2.00/discipline to support shooting sports leader training costs. Members must purchase their own project manuals.

Volunteer Leaders: $10.00/volunteer leader suggested donation. $5.00 of these funds are sent directly to the state program to provide liability insurance. All new volunteer leaders must complete a leader enrollment form and Montana 4-H Volunteer Application. (A new volunteer leader is any adult who was not enrolled in the 4-H program the prior year.)  All new volunteer leaders must pass a background check. Volunteer leader enrollment forms and applications are available at the Extension Office or online on the Montana 4-H Volunteer Page.  Re-enrolling volunteer leaders may re-enroll online which includes all of the annual required forms.

To Enroll: Members and re-enrolling volunteer leaders may enroll online at mt.4honline.com. On that page there is a guide that will assist you through the online enrollment process. If you are unable to enroll online, complete the member or leader hard copy enrollment forms available from your club organizational leader, or the Extension Office. Enrollment fees are payable to your 4-H club.

Sanders County 4-H Clubs & Contact Info.

Guidelines for 4-H Club and Project Meetings to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

Guidance for Virtual 4-H Meetings


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